We specialize in the door-to-door moving of cars, 4WD, trucks, motorcycles, caravans, trailers and boats.

The ongoing growth  is evidence of the value we deliver to our customers. Recognizing a need for increased specialization, a motorcycle transport division has been set-up. We maintains a network of trusted carriers, to ensure the highest value and service to our customers.

Whether transporting across the state or the nation, our company has what you need in a trusted auto and recreation vehicle transporter.

Car Carrier Interstate, Australia’s Vehicle Relocation Specialists

Need to relocate your vehicle? If it has a motor or wheels we move it. Looking for safe, seamless logistics and unmatched expertise? Then relocate your vehicle with Australia’s specialist transport movers, Auto Mover. Industry leading experts in the door-to-door delivery of cars including classic, muscle and super cars to trucks, boats and motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, trailers and machinery weighing up to 5 tonnes. Door-to-door or depot-to-depot both state and nationwide, we offer exceptional transportation choices for the individual, family and corporate client. A specialist in car freight and car transport Australia wide, We provide fast, efficient transit options, honest estimated turnaround times, competitive quotes and an emphasis on safety, security and service. Car Carrier Interstate, Australia’s specialist car mover and vehicle transport service provider has a vehicle relocation solution tailored specifically to your needs. Boasting an extensive network of trusted carriers, and over 9 years of market leading success and satisfied customers, trust Car Carrier Interstate for effective vehicle transportation solutions.

Why Choose Car Carrier Interstate Vehicle Transport Services

  • Want safety, security and unrivalled expertise? Providing an Australia wide carrier service with an industry leading turnaround on the Brisbane to Perth and Perth to Brisbane route, Auto Mover, one of Australia’s leading car transport companies offer services that include:
  • Car transport
  • Boat and jet ski transport
  • Interstate caravan transport
  • Truck and motorhome relocation
  • Camper trailer transport
  • Motorcycle transportation
  • Customer service excellence
  • State and nationwide door-to-door or depot-to-depot delivery
  • Competitive prices • 24-hour rapid response to all enquiries
  • Fast, safe and secure transit
  • Specialist car transporters on the Perth to Brisbane route and return

Looking for Competitive Pricing and Fast Transit Times?

Whether your vehicle is registered or unregistered or perhaps you’re nervous about driving long distances, Car Carrier Interstate will move it! With a guaranteed, honest estimation of transit time, fast turnaround and a competitively priced service, We deliver vehicles of any shape or size, both interstate and Australia wide. We even offer industry leading turnaround from Brisbane to Perth and Sydney and Melbourne to Perth. With state-of-the-art GPS tracking, and our fleet of secured automobile movers, we deliver not only your car, boat, jet ski, motorcycle or caravan but peace of mind and exceptional customer service.


Need to relocate a vehicle either interstate of nationwide? Call us on 1300 13 88 77 or complete our online enquiry form for your vehicle relocation quote today.